Register Your Property as a Location

Looking to rent your home, business or other property as a filming location? We can help you get noticed.

Renting space to film and television productions can provide a good source of income and potentially attract worldwide attention. Better still, it’s something to tell your family and friends!

There are two ways to register your property as a location:

  1. Upload your photos directly to our database through the Creative BC website. Click here for step-by-step instructions and to register. 
  2. Email us your photos, and we will add your property to the database manually. To submit your photos please follow the guidelines below:

Choose the MEDIUM setting on your camera; image size needs to be minimum 1-2 MB. Photograph your property using the widest shots possible.

1. Exterior photos

  • Start with the outside of your property.
  • Shoot your neighbourhood street looking both ways.
  • If it’s a house, take a wide shot of the house, driveway and yard.
  • Take a wide shot of the back as well as the sides of the property.

2. Interior photos

  • Next, shoot the inside of the property one room or area at a time.
  • Pay attention to any special features (bay windows, indoor pool, stairway).
  • Try to duplicate the experience of someone arriving at the location walking through the building.
  • Stand on one corner of the room you are photographing and take a picture.
  • Next, take a “reverse” shot by walking over to the opposite corner of the room and take a photograph of the area you were just standing in.
  • Show entrances in your photos if possible.

NOTE: Do not take “closeup” shots of door knobs, pets, or decorative items.

3. Save the photos

  • Save each image as a .jpg file.
  • Make sure you label each location photo accordingly (eg. “kitchen.jpg,” “bathroom.jpg,” “back view.jpg”).
  • Please do NOT add any text directly onto a photo, we are unable to use any images containing text.
  • We only accept images submitted as individual .jpg files.

4. Additional information

  • Include ALL your contact information – Full name, email address, phone number, address of the property.
  • Include any other information about the property such as available parking, noise concerns, proximity to highway or airport, filming restrictions, etc.
  • Please remember to provide contact information including the property owner or authorized person, phone numbers including cell number, address and postal code with your photofile.

5. Sending your photos

  • Upload your photos directly on creative BC’s website: Click Here