In Production

Behind the Scenes of Reginald the Vampire (2022) Filmed in Saanich

TV Series:

HOLIDAZED – Season 1

Local Production Company:  Holidazed Productions Inc.

Director:  Various
Production Manager: Brad Jubenville
Production Coordinator: Brett Davies
Location Manager: Russ Hamilton
Assistant Location Manager: Haley Jenkins
Schedule: September 19, 2022 – December 12, 2022
Production Address: 780 Kings Road – 3rd Floor, Victoria, BC    V8T 5A2
Tel: 1 (250) 590-1380

TV Movie:


Local Production Company: Skyside Productions Inc.

Producer: Gilles Laplante
Director: Rich Newey
Production Manager: Tracy Traeger
Production Coordinator: Sarah Alexander
Location Manager: Leah LaRocke
Schedule: 9/12/2022 – 9/30/2022 
Production Address: Victoria, Canada


Local Production Company: Seasonal Road Productions Ltd.

Director: Peter Benson
Production Manager: Genessa Davis
Production Coordinator: Miles Gorovich
Location Manager: Steve Kinghorn
Assistant Location Manager: Andrew Dolan
Schedule: 8/29/2022 – 9/17/2022
Production Address: 100 – 771 Vernon Avenue, Victoria, Canada, V8X 5A7
Tel: (778)265-7007

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