For a world of looks, imagine Vancouver Island!

English castles. Rolling vineyards. Crashing surf. European street scenes. From Central Park to the Oregon coast, from the French Quarter to the Napa Valley, you’ll discover an atlas of looks that are cost-effective and easy to shoot. Scouting for a great period look? We’ve got it! Southern Vancouver Island offers a diverse range of historic and modern locations. Click here to see our locations booklet, or call us for a locations package from our extensive online library.

40% Tax Incentives!

When you film on Vancouver Island, you can take advantage of attractive tax credit schemes from both Federal and Provincial Governments.

Brief Overview of the Film Incentive BC Program (FIBC)

  • 28% of qualified BC labour expenditures – basic PSTC tax credit (35% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – regional tax credit (12.5% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – distant regional tax credit
  • Plus 17.5% tax credit for digital animation or visual effects when you post in nearby Vancouver.

Click here for full tax incentive information.

About the Commission

The Vancouver Island South Film and Media Commission is a non-profit organization and was established on December 18th 1984. Its purpose is to market and promote the locations, skills and creativity inherent in Victoria and Vancouver Island to the global film industry.