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As a non-profit film commission, we play an indispensable role in the economic development of the Greater Victoria region.

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Investing in the Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission is an economic driver to the communities we live in, creating jobs, business innovation and training opportunities. Connect Your Business With a Booming Industry!

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Canada, due to its international reputation as a hospitable filming location, plus significant tax incentives for industry stakeholders, has the nickname “Hollywood North” and contributes more than $7 billion annually to the Canadian economy.

“The BC film industry generated more than $2.5 billion dollars in revenue to the provincial economy in 2016, breaking all previous records in economic growth.” — BC Gov News, 2017.

The VISFMC plays a vital role in the economic development of the CRD, generating more than $162 million in direct spending in the region in the past ten years, with almost $33 million in local production spending since 2015.


Benefit from direct spending on local products and services, economic development in the Capital Regional District.

To put things into perspective, a TV movie in Victoria with a budget of $2.4 million will spend around $45 thousand on hotels, $898 thousand on below-the-line labour (crew), and $445 thousand on local services such as production supplies, equipment, and transportation. A larger scale film with a production budget of $22 million will spend approximately $88 thousand in location fees, $188 thousand in set construction materials, and $27 thousand in office supplies.

  • After joining the VISFMC, Unity Office Equipment reported a 30% increase in business due to film productions.
  • Disney’s The Descendants booked 560 rooms.
  • Godzilla booked almost every room at two Langford hotels while filming.
  • Gourmet Detective and the Last Resort (TV movies) booked over 3,000 room nights.<
  • The VISFMC filled more than 32,500 beds in 2015.