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Thirty minutes by air from Downtown Vancouver or Downtown Seattle, Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island is known for being “The Garden City”. Located in a sub Mediterranean zone, Victoria boasts the mildest climate in Canada with an average of 2200 hours of sunshine yearly, beating out most capital cities in Canada. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, dotted with spectacular mountains, lakes and incredible vistas, Victoria offers locations from historical architecture to secluded forest and beautiful beaches all within a 20 minute drive.

Where Is Victoria, BC?

Victoria, British Columbia is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Vancouver Island is 520 kilometres (323 miles) long and has an area of 32,254 square miles. Victoria is separated from Vancouver, British Columbia by the Strait of Georgia to the east, and from Washington State, USA by the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the south and southeast. Victoria is closer to the USA than to mainland Canada.

What’s The Population?

The Capital Region, comprising the City of Victoria and 12 surrounding municipalities, has a population of 360,000. The total population of Vancouver Island is 760,000.

What’s Victoria Like?

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and the seat of the provincial government. It was founded as a fort in 1843 by the Hudson’s Bay Company in its fur trading activities. Many signs of British influence still remain throughout Olde Town. Victoria is a cosmopolitan city having a “small town” atmosphere. Buildings are 7 to 20 stories tall. The economic base expanded from fur trading to include coal mining, lumber, fishing, ship building and agriculture. Today, the primary industries are government, tourism and high technology. Victoria has a worldwide reputation for its abundance of flowers and for being green and safe. Filming in Victoria is accessible, easy and fun!

How to Get to Victoria